The Oakland Fence Project is a citywide outdoor photography installation and online exhibit designed to connect artists and communities in a whole new way.


How it works

The Oakland Fence Project has three primary components:

  1. THE FENCE: There will be a outdoor installation of 6 ft photographs on a fence erected at Jack London Square and replicated on chainlink fences in neighborhoods around the city. The photographs will be selected by a panel of guest curators from Oakland and across the country, and will feature the people and places that make Oakland unique, and the issues and challenges we face together. Once the exhibit opens, the Meet Me At the Fence campaign will launch; we will offer free docent tours of the Fence, and arts organizations around the city will be invited to hold outdoor performances and concerts with the Fence as their backdrop.
  2. THE MOBILE APP: Oakland Fence Project has its own augmented reality mobile app that enables anyone with a smartphone to trigger powerful one-minute stories embedded in the photographs simply by holding their phone up to the image. The effect is amazing. (Those without smartphones can watch the videos online, or borrow one of our devices available during the free Fence tours.) When you are moved by a picture or a story, you will be able to do one of three things: buy prints  of the photographs you love directly from the artist, volunteer your time  with a nonprofit organization working on the issue, or make a charitable donation to that organization. There are many ways to participate.
  3. THE DIGITAL FENCE WEBSITE: The Digital Fence will be a beautiful online photography experience where audiences everywhere can explore all the submitted photographs. Anyone in Oakland will be able to upload and tag their own images of the city, and make those images available for sale in our creative marketplace. We will help artists partner with local nonprofit organizations so that people who want to get more involved in community activities can reach out and connect with ongoing campaigns and events.

As we build this project, we will also be leading photography workshops, writing curriculum to help teachers create Fence projects at their schools, and looking for Oakland businesses who think big and would like to sponsor sections of the fence. Every piece of this creative project is designed to bring people together to build a more vibrant, resilient city.

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